About Indy Wedding Officiants

Indy Wedding Officiants is a wedding services agency, based in Indianapolis and serving all of Indiana.

We offer a variety of Officiants, such as ministers, pastors, reverends, preachers, priests, rabbis, imams, pundits and other clergy, as well as judges and officials who are authorized to perform wedding ceremonies in Indiana.

We do not represent any single church or faith as our goal is to serve all Couples who wish to be joined in marriage, regardless of their culture or beliefs.

We also have Officiants who are willing to perform Commitment Ceremonies and/or Blessings for those Couples who choose not to be legally married in Indiana.

Where can you obtain your Indiana marriage license? We can help you find your County Clerk, which is where marriage licenses are issued in the state of Indiana.

indiana marriage license

Do you need other wedding services, such as photographer, cake, caterer, DJ, florist or even a Venue? Visit our Partners page for local professional who we know and trust.

Indy Wedding Officiants can perform weddings in Indianapolis and all over Indiana for all kinds of couples. Our Officiants are all authorized by the state of Indiana to perform weddings; we have verified their credentials and experience for you. We now offer a Justice of the Peace in Indianapolis to perform your civil wedding. With the variety of Officiants we offer from different backgrounds, beliefs and cultures, they each possess is a great speaking voice and are comfortable addressing large groups. Our goal is to serve all couples wanting to get married, regardless of their faith, culture or background.

Indy Wedding Officiants also serves our Latino community by providing bilingual Officiants (bodas en espanol indiana, bilingual minister indiana, juez de paz indiana). They are native spanish-speaking officiants who can come to your location to perform your wedding ceremony.

If you are seeking an indianapolis wedding officiant, wedding minister, marriage officiant or a wedding officiant in indiana, give us a call and let's talk about your ideas. We'll make it easy for you!


"Excellent service...beautiful vow exchange officiant was kind n professional. ..perfect for anyone wanting a hassle free experience. ..Also I liked their Walk-in arrangements." - - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

"From beginning to end, this process was easy, efficient, and well-executed. We needed the most basic ceremony on short notice, and were able to get exactly that. Thank you for making this so easy and free of any hassle or complication. I will highly recommend your services to anyone! - - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

"Rev. Chris was absolutely fantastic. We knew from the very first time we met with him that he would be the perfect officiant for us. He did a fantastic job guiding us when it came to putting together a ceremony that was very personal and exactly what we wanted. He was super flexible and up for making the ceremony beautiful. From the start, he seemed to be someone that we were friends with for a long time. We were so delighted he was free after our ceremony and even agreed to attend our reception (where he did he blessing for dinner). Overall, our experience with Indy Wedding Officiants, namely Chris, was absolutely perfect." - - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

"Amazing service! The person who we were going to have officiate dropped out last minute and we had two weeks to find an officiant. IndyWeddingOfficiants were helpful and flexible with our circumstance and was available to officiate our wedding two weeks out. We were coming in from California and were able to coordinate a rehearsal prior to the wedding as well. Price was great compared to some other sites and we received all of the information we needed immediately. They provided a script with several options, so it was super easy to construct our own script. We sent it back and were good to go. As soon as Rev. Chris got to the rehearsal, he took control and it was quick and easy. He even had his wife there to help. It made the whole wedding experience that much better. We had a beautiful wedding with no hitches and I highly recommend IndyWeddingOfficiants for anyone looking for an officiant! Again, phenomenal job!" - - Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

“Rev. Chris was so warm and professional. He even wrote a custom ceremony just for us. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an officiant.” - William B.

“We had a hard time finding a minister to marry us since we were both divorced. Rev. Chris did our wedding and it was great. He didnt judge us and said everything we wanted him to say. He charged us $250 to come to our house and do it, but it was worth every penny. You should call him if you dont belong to a church or anything and want to get married and make it nice.” - Angie S.
“Reverend Chris was just so nice and easygoing. He talked to me a few times on the phone before to help plan what we wanted to do. I was feeling good about everything before it even happened because he was so confident. We were running late on the day of the wedding and he was very patient and actually came back to help calm me down. Alot went wrong that day, but he was so dignified and has a great voice. It would have been a disaster with out him. He wrote a wedding just for us, including all the stuff we wanted. My aunt telling me how good the preacher was.” – Marge S.

“The minister was really professional and patient because we got started late. I didnt want a christian wedding and he did not bring up God as promised. I would recommend them to anyone looking for someone to do a good job.” - Candace W.